Who is Nora Brouwer?

Somebody with a gift for languages who acquired her knowledge mainly through experience. When I started my course to become an English Translator/Interpreter, I already spoke the language fluently.

Once qualified, I initially found work as a translator in the computer business, which in 1987 was only starting. I was one of the translators who worked on the first Windows programs (DEC, IBM) and in the following years I translated many technical and business texts.

1987 was not the year I started my working life, however. I already had about 20 years work experience as a typist/secretary. The common factor is working with text. To produce a clear and readable text is a challenge, whether translating or writing.

The translator's profession has changed immensely since 1987. Pen and paper are almost obsolete and the typewriter hopelessly old-fashioned. Email and internet are indispensable and experience with a translating tool is absolutely necessary. The translating tool I use is Trados.

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