Why use a translator?

Many international companies are based in The Netherlands. They do business all over Europe, using English as a common language. In The Netherlands you can also easily get by without speaking Dutch. Many Dutch people speak English quite well and if you receive a letter in Dutch, there is usually a native Dutch speaker who can tell you what it is about. This is good enough if it is a letter from the electricity board, an announcement of local activities or a letter from the local authorities informing you of road works in your area, for example.

Sometimes, however, it is important to understand official letters in detail, e.g. if you have applied for a formal permit and receive a lengthy official letter from a Dutch government institution. In such cases it is well worth having the letter translated by an experienced translator. This will save you headaches and possibly more serious trouble, e.g. if the letter mentions a deadline for replies.

It is not unusual to reply to a Dutch letter in English. In some situations, however, you may need a text translated into Dutch. So if you need an experienced translator who has worked for many years in a business environment, you have come to the right person.